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How It Works

7 Steps To Understanding Your Customers & Improving Future Sales

1) Register your own Review Site profile via our Join Today page.

2) We'll build your feedback forms to your requirements and branding (up to 5 per account); including questions on future service they may be interested.

3) We can email your new feedback forms to your customers, or you can email them yourself.

4) Your customers complete the feedback form submitting their reply back to Review Site.

5) We provide you with a copy of all completed feedback forms before they go live on our site.

6) Use the data received from your customer's feedback forms to help you understand and improve your services. Contacting customers to resolve outstanding problems will help improve your company brand image and increase customer loyalty. Customers who've indicated their interest in working with you again can be contacted thus generating more sales.

7) Every month, or after each feedback campaign, we will send you an easy to understand spreadsheet with your customer feedback results.

Add our 'Review Site' badge to your website

By including within your website our 'Review Site' badge (below) you'll show your customer that they can trust the services your provide. Your customers can click the badge to read your reviews live on

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